Sponsor of the World Food and Cultural Festival

 The World Food and Cultural Festival is committed to working with partners and sponsors from a variety of organizations who share the values of cultural diversity like Government Agencies, Cultural Organizations, Food Associations, Non-Government Organizations, Embassies and Consulates, Tourism Boards, Destination Marketing Organisations and Food and Beverage Industries.

Why partner or sponsor the World Food and Cultural Festival

Partnering or sponsoring the World Food and Cultural Festival provides a platform to connect with diverse communities, showcase commitment to cultural appreciation, amplify brand presence, and contribute to the celebration of global heritage and cuisine


To discuss a partnership/sponsorship The World Food and Culture Festival,

Kindly contact Mariah Ndagire,

Operations Director

Telephone: +647-447-1958

Email: mndagire@wfcfest.com/info@wfcfest.com



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